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Alpine mountain valley in a light of sunrise on the pages of an open magical book. Majesti


Get in touch with Karen to let her know what you think.    Request the free English worksheets, written by the author in PDF format for both Forever Fairies soft cover andJoshua ebook.

Worksheets refer to questions or activities for readers to complete and record answers. Reading activities usually engage readers to think about a text before, during and after reading. The questions and activities for Joshua and Forever Fairies are designed to promote reading independence, critical thinking, creativity, and encourage discussion. The reader explores some complex ideas and hopefully still enjoys the story.

Take a look at chapters 1-3
Request  chapters 4-16 via email.


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Karen is extremely proud and excited to share her work Forever Fairies. The project was a lengthy one. Twenty-three years had lapsed before the idea was turned into a manuscript. This was one story that really needed to be told.

Email author to request the set of free worksheets: 

For teachers-sample worksheets to print.

For parents/carers


Who wouldn't be enchanted to find a baby fairy in their garden?

This full colour illustrated junior fiction book is the first in a proposed series of fantasy stories featuring brother and sister twins and their grandparents...

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Forever Fairies is a delightful and magical tale of twins Luka and Leandra who live with their grandparents. They love to explore the garden, studying the natural environment and share an interest in the world of fairies...

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Forever fairies by Karen Dunsmore (

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Behind the Author

Writing has always been a hobby for Karen. Publishing a book was something found only in daydreams.  Until, a  professional assessment of her work and a few online writing classes inspired her to take the plunge. 

Since turning her dream into reality, Karen has now two publishing credits.  A fantasy junior fiction chapter book, the first in a potential series  and the first in another junior fiction series in  E-book  format.

Karen is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. Constantly reading and learning to improve her skills.

It’s incredibly challenging work, but she's never happier than when she sits down at her desk putting the opening words to a new book  on paper.

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A chapter book with coloured images suitable for ages 7-10 years or older depending on reading skill and interests.  E-book format  

 Written by Karen Dunsmore    Cover design by Mousam Banerjee

The fear of loosing your sight is real. Nan showed Joshua, an adventurous sight impaired ten year old how to focus on other senses and find his independence. In the grief that followed her death, Joshua’s confidence faded. Then an unlikely friendship struck with pixie siblings, Pax and Peri, rekindled the excitement of his farmyard treks. Joshua, with this restored independence, finds happiness again.

Follow the adventures of vision-impaired Joshua,  his pixie friends, Peri and Pax, and an alpaca named Alvie, as they recover a kite that has blown near a creek. Joshua and friends encounter many obstacles on their quest, not least, the mischievous cousin Colton, a rival pixie and two alpaca rustlers. 

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Bright Idea Bulb


Creating a first draft

Inspiration often comes as a complete surprise colliding with narrative, description and character dialogue. A problem may arise. After all, a fiction writer inhabits both worlds: the real and the fantasy.

It could be that in the routine of everyday life, daydreaming occurs. My mind then captures an image or word for a later recall. The rest I must block. For the moment.

At the first opportunity, I find a quiet place to write the arresting idea.

Then the ideas flow, so there’s no time to worry about grammar and word choice.

Do the thoughts come in time-sequenced order? No.

It may be an event or a description finding a place in the middle or end of my manuscript. Or no place at all except on a page in my first draft folder.

Forget the editing of mistakes. That is for later, with assistance from professional copy-editing advice.

I take numerous breaks and start where my imaginings take me.

The ideas that flow could be later found at the end, middle or beginning of a different draft.

With the first draft finished, it’s time for a long pause. What comes next?

 I have to work hard to write, what I call, a second first draft.    Karen Dunsmore

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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

Albert Einstein

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