About the author

Inspiration for the first book.
-Karen Dunsmore-

Before it made it into the book, the guardian of the doorway, better known as the whispering branch, was first discovered by the author in amongst the leaf litter.

Karen Dunsmore has worked as a teacher in Queensland, for more than three decades.  After an extremely rewarding career, teaching primary school students, she decided to leave full-time teaching to take up the first step to write children's  books. When she's not writing Karen can be found reading and finding enchantment within the garden in her own backyard. Creativity mostly strikes close to home as her family, her four-legged friends and the students she has taught over the years continue to be her shining lights of inspiration.  Forever Fairies is the first of more backyard  adventures for Luka and Leandra..

He felt something gentle on his cheek - not like the cold wind blowing past but like a puff of warm breath when someone speaks. p. 102

See the whispering branch drawn by the illustrator - Grace Chen.  p. 103

Stockyard Park in Brisbane 2003.

It was, while walking her dog that the author saw this  

shelter and knew a pergola would be featured in her books.

The pergola, illustrated by Grace Chen in Forever Fairies,

( p.162), is a meeting place for the family and where happy memories are created. 







'Don't let the calm tranquility of the creek fool you,' he said.  Words spoken by Grandpa when crossing an ancient arched bridge.  p. 146 

 The author finds surprises around every turn when exercising her dog. 

A council footbridge becomes a little arched bridge in Forever Fairies.  

Grace's illustration is  on page 146.