Available E-book format (Recent Release)


 Suitable for ages 8-10 years or older depending on reading interests.

Written by Karen Dunsmore   

Cover design by Mousam Banerjee

Author contact: karendunsmore.childrensauthor@gmail.com



Follow the adventures of vision-impaired Joshua, a ten-year old living on a farm, his pixie friends, Peri and Pax, and an alpaca named Alvie, as they recover a kite that has blown near a creek. Joshua and friends encounter many obstacles on their quest, not least, the mischievous cousin Colton, a rival pixie and two alpaca rustlers. Along the way, Joshua’s courage is tested in ways he thought he’d never face.



Joshua worksheets
Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-6

Chapters 7-9

Chapters 10-12

Chapters 13-15

Chapters 16

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